It’s a symbol that can evoke all sorts of emotions, the American flag. A child may see it as part of an exercise in class, towards which they recite the pledge. A veteran might see those colors and remember his brothers’ and sisters’ sacrifices. An immigrant may see it as a symbol of freedom from tyranny and oppression. At SAS, we see it as a reminder that we are a company making shoes in America, with pride in our old-fashioned quality and modern fashions.

This Saturday is National Flag Day. A holiday declared over fifty years ago, but celebrated for over a century. This year, SAS is teaming up with Operation Homefront to celebrate the American flag. For every pair of shoes, sandals or handbags you purchase from June 22rd to July 5th, one dollar will go towards Operation Homefront and you will receive a custom made pin displaying American pride!

This flag day, remember those stars and stripes and what they stand for. Then, while you make plans to celebrate our Independence Day next month, consider buying an American-Made product, like a genuine leather SAS shoe, and support those that serve our country through organizations like Operation Homefront

Want to show your pride, do it with a collectible SAS/ Operation Homefront pin.