It’s an ancient superstition, that Friday the 13th is bad luck. While some refuse to acknowledge the paranoia, others take extra care on this day to avoid misfortune. Some say the best way to guard your self is to think positively. While you collect positive thoughts, take these 6 good luck charms from SAS with you.

1.Keep from Clumsiness.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get pretty clumsy on any given day, not just Friday the 13th. Just in case you want to keep from catching the clumsy bug, consider wearing a slip-resistant soled shoe today. For instance, our SAS Guardian, Alpine and Liberty shoes, which all are water-resistant, slip-resistant and have non-marking soles

2.Wear Bright Colors to Stay Upbeat.

Thinking negatively can sometimes cause negative results. Why not surround yourself with things that will make you think happy thoughts, like bright colors. Our new line of Bounce shoes have a variety of vibrant colors to pick up your mood. We also have a rainbow of colors in our Sofia, Coco, Maui, Simplify, Sanibels, and many other styles of shoes.

3.Be Comfortable.

Another way to stay positive is to stay comfortable. Wear a soft shirt, or relaxed fit pants that don’t make you feel squashed. Similarly, don’t wear those heels that pinch your toes all day, or the oxfords that have no support for your feet. Comfortable shoes that are made to support your feet all day can help your energy level stay high, and keep your entire body from experiencing unnecessary pain.

4.Get the right size.

A way to ensure a comfortable shoe is the right size. Visit one of our SAS shoe stores and get yourself fitted. Our sales technicians are trained to find the right style and fit to make your feet happy feet. When your feet are happy, your whole body is happy, and you are more likely to see how much good luck is in your life.

5.Bring something that reminds you of the weekend.

After all, the weekend is almost here! If you are going camping, put your keys on a carabineer or put a mini flashlight in your pocket. Maybe pack a hot dog for lunch or make smores in the office microwave for a snack to get your taste buds ready for an adventure.

6.Wear something stylish to feel confident.

Grab that new top that looks like the one you saw in a magazine, slacks or trousers that fit just right, or maybe the perfect pair of SAS shoes to match your outfit. With styles like the Sofia-a sophisticated pair of wedge heels you can wear all day, or the Ambassadors- a regal design to make any man look sharp enough for the office with a view, your SAS shoes can be as comfortable as a slipper, yet fashion forward. Whatever you choose, bring you’re “A-game”; today and you’ll have the confidence you need to ward off any bad luck. Hopefully these charms can help bring you good luck and a happy Friday the 13th!