How many miles worth of footsteps does the average dad travel for his kids? Think about the number of steps it takes to chase little ones around the house. Then there are the paths he wears in at work. Don’t discount the pacing back and forth, as he waits for a teenager who is late for curfew. He’s never to forget the proud steps he takes while walking his daughter down the aisle. Then the joyful treads toward his first grand baby add to the total.

A lifetime on their feet, dads are always moving, ready to comfort and support their families. While shopping for Father’s Day, consider giving the gift of comfort and support back to them, with an SAS shoe. He will appreciate that they are handmade, right here in the U.S.A. The genuine leather crafted to fit his foot perfectly will give him a smile. There’s a style for every personality, and you can order them by phone or find a store near you where he can be fitted. The most important thing this Father’s Day is making your dad feel special, and thanking him for all those steps he took to care for you.