It’s “Eat More Vegetables day,” and although your mother would be proud if you added more carrots and broccoli to your meals, she’d also be happy to know they can make your feet feel better too- or at least the veggie inspired SAS shoes can. At San Antonio Shoemakers, we take inspiration from all sorts of things, even the green goodness that comes from our very own SAS garden. Take for instance our Celery and Zucchini colors in the Naples style shoes. These shades of green aren’t just calming to the eye, but the pillowy softness of the footbed in our Naples shoes, and the soft high quality leathers make your feet feel like they are instantly healthier. Be sure to check out some of our other fruit inspired shoes, like the Limon Sofia, the Melon Maui, and the Orange, Raspberry, Lemon and Kiwi Sanibels. And, while you are flipping through the pages, consider munching on some carrots or celery instead of potato chips.