In the 70s, two men had a dream of making the most comfortable shoes in the world. Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden had a vision of how soft and comfortable genuine leather shoes should be made.

They would use the finest leather and quality materials, each pair crafted by hand with close attention to detail. With passion, determination, and support of their families, the two visionaries pooled their resources to start their first factory in a corner of an old unused aircraft hangar on the South Side of San Antonio. In 1976, San Antonio Shoemakers was born. They were confident their shoes would sell themselves once tried on, and they were right.

The SAS reputation grew by word of mouth and became a name people could trust for comfortable, quality footwear. Our goal is to keep Terry and Lew's dream alive. Today, San Antonio Shoemakers continues to be a family-owned business. We take pride in the legacy handed down to us by Terry and Lew. At San Antonio Shoemakers, we take extra steps, so you can too!