To get a perfect fit, some people get their clothes custom tailored. When that happens, designers take your measurements and use a dress form to make sure the garments fit just right. SAS designers similarly design lasts, which are like dress forms for your feet. With intense testing and measuring, SAS designers tediously tweak lasts that are created to stretch shoes into the perfect fit for the shape of your foot. These lasts are made in the same factory as the most of the shoes, in San Antonio, Texas.

Equally artistic, the craftsmen that stretch the sewn leather parts of the shoe onto these lasts help to create a perfect fit. The leather gets heated and dampened in a steam oven first. Then they are stretched over the custom lasts for their initial fit. These shoemakers make sure to stretch or pound the leather into symmetrical shapes that match the other half of the pair and give appropriate room for the toes, heel and sides of the shoes for optimal comfort. A process that truly sets SAS handcrafted comfort apart from others.

Want to know more about the shoemaking process? Check out our Handcrafted page, or schedule a visit to the factory to see it for yourself by calling (210) 921-8103. Tours are held Monday-Thursday 9:15am, 12:30pm & 2:05pm.