Christmas time can be daunting on the wallet. Why go through the pain if you don’t have to. Real Simple magazine has some great tips to help keep Christmas cheap and cheerful. The following are inspired by those tips.

1. Make a list- There’s a reason Santa does this, it helps you stay on track. How else would ha get to all the kids in the world in one night?

2. Start Early- In the year that is. Why wait until after Thanksgiving. When you see something someone would like, get it, even if it is Easter weekend. Just remember where you put it!

3. Research online- Most companies have their products online at least for you to view. Look up what you want to buy online for descriptions, reviews and sometimes prices.

4. Don’t be afraid of Black Friday- You don’t have to wait in line all night to experience savings on Black Friday. For instance, SAS stores will have a Buy One Get One Half-off sale all day on Black Friday AND Saturday!

5. Cyber Monday- Let the mouse do all the work and give your legs a rest. Be sure to scout out what you want to purchase online when you do your research beforehand. Then look up those items and they will most likely be cheaper!

6. No-Cost Shipping- Most e-commerce sites offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount, or you can search for promo codes.

7. Do It Yourself- For those people who have it all, make them something! Real Simple has a lot of fun ideas for DIY projects.

8. Enter to Win for a gift for yourself- reward yourself by entering to win a free pair of SAS shoes! Find out more here.