Comfort and support are equally as critical in the world around us as they are in the shoes we make. For that reason, SAS is involved in several philanthropic efforts to bring comfort and support to those who are suffering – whether from poverty or natural disaster. Today, more than ever, it’s important that we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and to realize we are all part of the same world. At SAS, we feel that every step we take toward that realization is a step in the right direction.

When disaster strikes, SAS is ready to help. Our team personally visits disaster areas where we fit those in need with new shoes.

The SAS Comfort and Support Team gives more than just new shoes. A team of volunteers is ready with life’s necessities, often taken for granted such as shoes, socks, bags, belts, T-shirts and most importantly, hearts filled with compassion for those who lost so much.

To date, SAS has donated over 14,000 pairs of shoes and other necessities to victims of natural disaster.

The footage in this video is from the 2016 Comfort and Support team visit to Eureka, MO after floods affected many homes and businesses in the area. Thanks to all who helped volunteer their time and resources during our visit and for the families who shared their stories with SAS for use in this video.