You might recognize her. SAS model, Julie, is featured in magazines and billboards sporting SAS shoes. She also loves to wear SAS at home! Read more about how Julie fell in love at first fit in her own words!

I was thrilled when I was asked to be a lifestyle model for San Antonio Shoes. I didn’t honestly own a pair at the time, but I admired the loyalty that my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother proclaimed for the company and their shoes. They both worked in school districts many many moons ago and both swore that SAS shoes were their saving grace. I was excited to be part of and finally experience what these two influential women spoke so highly of!

Daily activity has always been a priority in my life, daily runs or walks paired with some weight training. I realize this is even more a priority now since I’m quickly approaching the big 5-0. After years and years of slipping into flip-flops to run errands, standing working at a computer (I work at home and refuse to sit ☺) and to keep up with my two teenage boys my feet ached, absolutely ached every day and night! So you can only imagine my surprise (and relief) when the first pair of SAS shoes were gently slid onto my feet at my first San Antonio Shoemakers fitting.

The first shoe was the super stylish Sanibel. Heaven. I was SOLD! I bought my own pair two days later! Obviously love. The support and comfort is amazing and, oh gosh, easy on easy off! They are perfect! I wore my red Sanibel’s EVERYDAY, living in Texas this is doable. These were my new RAMPED up flip-flops and my feet were thanking me! My friends were amazed with the style and almost all of them have slipped or forced their feet into my sweet little red Sanibel’s to give them a try. I have literally worn them out and have now started wearing the MARINA’s! Which equally tote comfort and of course STYLE. (My friend’s are already begging for a try on).

I’ve always been slightly Retro and Sassy..…SOOOOO when I saw the Bounce shoe… I knew I had to have them! I have the Cherry Blossom and EVERYWHERE I go it never fails someone compliments my shoes! I can pair them with jeans or yoga pants and they complete the outfit and add some fun.

Now, back to daily activity. This is a huge part of my day, as it should be part of yours too! I do a regular workout early a.m. with my favorite guy then take some (what I like to call mental/physical breaks) throughout my workday. It is a must to take a mid-day quick .5 – 1 mile walk. I use this time to breathe in the fresh air, appreciate my companion (our sweet sheltie) and reflect and prepare for my afternoon meetings, sales calls and tasks. It’s amazing what a leisurely walk can produce! With every New Year come resolutions. I have been fortunate enough to give the Tour shoes a test-drive during a lifestyle shoot and now they are mine for my daily mid-day walks. I of course have the Multi colored ones☺. It’s not too late to make your resolution and Keep Moving! Do a leisurely 20-minute daily walk with me! I promise your mind, body and feet will thank you.