San Antonio Shoemakers is used to dealing with special needs for the feet when fitting shoes on customers. Whether they are mismates (one foot bigger than the other), bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or countless other needs, our shoemakers see them all. One special need in particular that can make it very difficult to fit someone with the right shoes is a prosthetic leg. “We’ve seen customers come in needing shoes fitted for prosthetics” explains Rick Knowles- from SAS retail, “this is very difficult to do since each prosthetic is different, and they don’t move and flex like a human foot.”

JP and Paul Norden know that struggle all too well. These two brothers each lost a leg during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Their mother, Liz, started a charitable organization called A Leg Forever to help those struggling with the same challenge. “My family has learned so much about prosthetics,” Liz explains, “it’s extremely important to share our experiences…it is our mission to pay it forward and assist other amputees in their time of need, just as we were helped in ours.”

That spirit of comfort and support is one San Antonio Shoemakers shares with the Nordens. That’s why the six runners representing A Leg Forever this year in the Boston Marathon will be sponsored by SAS. “Our mission is to give comfort to everyone’s feet. That includes those who face challenges after amputation,” states Nancy Richardson, SAS CEO. “A Leg Forever,” she continues, “is an organization that understands those struggles first-hand. Working with them, we hope to help those in need reach victory over these challenges and find comfort in a supportive community.”

Through the runner’s efforts, and with support from SAS, A Leg Forever can help others who are struggling after amputation by offering medical help and the mental and emotional support they need to Keep Moving ™.

To learn more about A Leg Forever, visit their website here. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog to get updates on the runners this year.