San Antonio Shoemakers is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the 2015 Boston Marathon Runners with A Leg Forever charity. These athletes work tirelessly to train for this event and hope to make this memorable endeavor something more than just a mark off of their “bucket lists,” but also an effort to bring awareness to a cause for which they all feel passionate. Three of the 6 runners speak about the reason they choose to run.

Tim Feeney is a lifetime Bostonian, and knows the view from the sidelines of the marathon well. Tim has always considered himself an athlete, from his high school and college days on the track and soccer field, to his adulthood excursions cycling, playing soccer and now competitively running. Last year, Tim won a Spartan trifecta medal, and this will be his first marathon. Involved with various fundraisers, Tim met the Nordens (founders of A Leg Forever) a number of times, and is familiar with the personal struggles they face after the bombing. Tim says, “through all the pain and anguish, it is evident Liz and her boys are dedicated to giving forward to others whom have suffered the loss of a limb in a tragic accident…Thank you for the opportunity to be associated with such a dedicated and determined foundation.”

Cindy Kelly says she always dreamed of running in the Boston marathon. She and her good friend decided this year would be the year. Since they don’t officially “qualify” for the race, the two applied with various charities to run for a cause. Although they were accepted for all the organizations with which they applied, the two picked A Leg Forever. She says the choice was easy. Cindy was the outpatient coordinator for the New England Rehab hospital’s amputee clinic for eight years. She says she saw first-hand the struggle that so many amputees face. “I knew immediately this is who I wanted to support and represent,” Cindy says, “I WILL conquer Boston and do everything to support Liz and ‘A Leg Forever.’”

Dan Burke started running about a year ago, and now says he’s hooked. He’s also Cindy’s running partner. When he met Liz Norden, the organization’s founder, he said he “instantly sensed her passion and work the foundation was doing.” Dan says many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of a prosthetic limb, but consider them a “luxury.” This, Dan says, inspires him even more to run his heart out in Boston. “I feel honored to be involved with A Leg Forever and those who invest so much of their time and effort behind the scenes.”

Deborah Gilligan, Suzie Oliveira, and Justin O'Connell will also be running in the Marathon for A Leg Forever and have been sponsored by SAS.

To learn more about A Leg Forever, be sure to check out their website

Good luck to the runners, and as always, Keep Moving!