Summer time seems like it was made for kids. School is out and kids get the opportunity to share the beauty of the sunny outdoors with friends. Whether they get together a group to play kickball or don their neon spandex swimsuits for a day on the slip and slide, kids just know how to have fun in the sun. Those days may be gone, but the summer comes around every year- so why not relive some of the fun?

June 21st is the Summer Solstice in 2015. It’s the day with the most daylight and the beginning of summer. It’s a day to celebrate the energy of the sunshine, and the warmth that makes a bouncy red ball and a field of grass worthy of a good game. But you can’t play a game by yourself.

Our challenge to you is to share this special day with someone else- and bring back the magic of summer. Whether you call up an old friend and share a glass of frosty iced tea or visit your parents or grandparents for a surprise visit, make the Summer Solstice special. Start this season off by doing something that brings you comfort and support. Whatever you do, make sure you share it with someone else. And like we say here at SAS, remember to Keep Moving.