It's pool time! The sun is hot, the pool is likely cool, and you deserve a break! But getting ready to dip your toes and realizing you forgot your towel can put a damper on you mini-vacation. So, here's a checklist you can use to pack.

  • A cute bag- Make sure it's big enough for all your supplies and make sure it's styling. Even pretty bathing suits look shabby next to a tattered bag.
  • SAS Sandals like the Red Snake Sanibels (shown above)- Of course, you want to keep your feet comfy when you head out anywhere so don't leave home without them.
  • Sunglasses- Ever try to lay out and realize the sun is too bright even for your closed eyes? That's why these are a must!
  • Sunscreen- We all want that supermodel glow, but it's better to keep yourself safe, so lather or spray it on. It's worth it!
  • A good book- Some like the classics, some prefer thrliling modern fiction. Whatever you choose, pick something you'll love.
  • Waterproof cases- For your phone and tablet of course. Because, let's be honest, you might be perusing social media more than that novel, no matter your intentions. Don't let this trip to the oasis turn into an emergency trip to the moblie store when you drop your device in the water.
  • Finally, a big smlie- Bring it, because you know the one thing you won't be bringing on this trip- worry and stress. This should make your pool bag much lighter than you're used to carrying.
  • Have fun, splash around and stay comfortable!