Ever run a 5k … in dress sandals? That’s what Jane Clark did.

Jane says she came to the InStep4Life 2015 5K in San Antonio, ready to rip up the asphalt. However, she soon realized after arriving that she forgot her running shoes. This didn’t stop the young lady. Jane decided she’d run the race after all in her SAS Bone sandals. She finished in 33 minutes (a good time with any shoes). Way to go Jane!

When folks at SAS heard about the story, it was debated which SAS Bone colored sandals she wore, since we have many styles in that color. Some decided it must be the Duo, since there’s a secure ankle strap. With submissions to our latest Duo contest, we heard many stories about ladies hiking in their Duo sandals. Others thought maybe the Relaxed sandal in the Natural color, which has thicker straps and is sturdy on the foot.

When we reached out to Jane, she revealed to us she was wearing our Bone colored Strippy sandal! This sandal is a dress sandal with a wedge heel, and is not recommended for use while running a 5k or any other race. However, this did not keep Jane from finishing in good time. Jane says her friends commented after the race that her sandals must be “more comfortable than they look.”

We recommend some of our athletic style shoes, like the Tour or TMV for your next race, Jane. Until then, Keep Moving ®!