Our Duo sandal just turned 25, and we held a contest where we asked, "Where in the world has your Duo been?"

Tons of submissions came in with wonderful stories about amazing customers and their adventures with their Duos. We are so thankful for each submission!

However, some really stood out among the rest, like Adrienne Drell from Highland Park, IL who won in our contest. In fact, her story intrigued us so much we asked for a little more information and offered to have Ms. Drell be our guest blogger. Here is her story.

No wonder they call news reporters “leg persons” or even “gum shoes.” They burn a lot of shoe leather pursuing what’s going on in the world.

In my career as a wire service and newspaper reporter, I could not stop running after stories, sources and deadlines. But shoes could be a problem if they hurt my feet or looked too sloppy.

You could not show up in sneakers at a news conference with the U.S. Attorney announcing a big indictment. And wearing high heeled shoes all day might have looked nice but, let’s face it, they created blisters and often bone-chilling pain.

Then in 1990 while visiting my mom in California I bought my first pair of SAS Duos. They proved to be a lifesaver. They looked nice but were supportive and comfortable.

I could trudge up and down stairwells in the federal courthouse in Chicago covering grisly murder trials for the Chicago Sun-Times, rush after elected officials to get a good quote or to interview celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson.

Duos were on my feet in Chicago when I wrote about the 1996 Democratic Convention and in South Africa where I covered Winnie Madikizela Mandela’s 1997 Truth and Reconciliation trial.

The Duos proved durable and strong when I was hiking through the indigenous areas of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar for a 1998 story on sex trafficking. And In 2000 I was wearing the Duos in when I reported on President Bill Clinton’s visit to Vietnam.

I have done the tango in my Duos in Buenos Aires, worn them to visit a strudel factory in Budapest, to climb the Great Wall in Beijing, to a wedding at a Medici Castle in Italy and to a funeral in Hawaii. I wore them in Istanbul watching whirling dervishes and on long walks through the streets of London.

In my Duo’s I met opera star Placido Domingo, President Barack Obama, basketball star Michael Jordan and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So when I heard about the 25 colors commemorating Duos 25th anniversary, I immediately bought some in the new colors. My favorites are the Nubuck light green heather, (#21) the pink and royal blue polka dot (#9) and the orange ones (#6). I had to buy another pair of the light green ones after my sister literally stole my sandals!

But much as I love the new colors, I have to admit my all time favorite Duo -which goes anywhere from a bail bond hearing, to a long stroll, to a concert hall - are the good old black leather ones. They look nice with a suit, slacks or a fancy dress. They will never go out of fashion or - be off my size 8.5 N feet!!

Adrienne Drell was an award winning newspaper reporter and Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism assistant professor. Now she spends much of her time travelling. She just visited Santa Fe, you can see some of her travel pictures below. She is also heading to Montana, Qatar, Shanghai and Hong Kong in the next few months, and of course, she will be bringing along her Duos!