Natalie reached out to SAS to explain her enthusiasm for finding comfortable and stylish options. Here's her story in her own words:

I’m a part time adventurer and a full time mom of one beautiful, bouncing baby girl. I do, however, work outside the home which encourages (or forces) me to jump out of my hiking boots and into something a little less muddy.

I stumbled upon SAS (San Antonio Shoemakers) after looking for a shoe brand to meet both the comfort and style requirements my life demands—demand is a strong word, but as a 26 year old professional, it’s important to have shoes that make me feel beautiful and comfortable that match my ever-changing wardrobe.

My first experience of walking on air was when I first met my husband—the second was when I put on my first pair of SAS shoes— specifically the Pampa sandal (in chocolate).

I was about 2 months into my recovery from having foot surgery when my doctor laid down the law and told me I had to invest in high quality shoes unless I wanted to see him again later in life. I don’t know if I was more depressed from being confined to crutches and minimal activity for such an extended amount of time or the thought of my stylish dreams being crushed; however, I committed right then and there to finding a shoe brand that extended beyond the scope of my grandmother’s taste in shoes.

I begrudgingly strolled into a local shoe store known for their ‘specialty’ clientele (AKA problem feet owners), and was instantly drawn to the SAS section where the Pampa sandal was clearly calling my name. It took me about 2 seconds to decide on my purchase once my foot hit the sandal, and I can promise you: there will never be a summer I go without these sassy sandals.

While I reminisce about summer, I’m hit with reality of 45 degree weather as I sit on my back porch in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have neatly packed my well-worn Pampa sandals into their box until they make their grand entrance again next spring.

With fall in full swing, the Lacey flat is now my go-to shoe on my hectic mornings when I’m running out the door with one hand applying mascara and the other holding on to my sanity. They match almost everything within my 50-shades-of-brown wardrobe and add the feminine touch I need as I go from mom to professional mogul—well, maybe not mogul, but it sounds nice doesn’t it?

Although it’s never fun going through something as drastic as a surgery, I know my silver lining is finding these fantastic shoes that give my feet the much needed love they have be deprived of for so long. And doesn’t hurt that they’re fabulously fashionable.

I was invited to contribute content as a guest blogger to share my experience with SAS shoes. I was compensated for my contributions to the SAS blog.