Our guest blogger, Natalie, told us she keeps getting compliments on her shoes! Below, she explains how these go-to SAS sandals have been a real comfort in her ever-changing world as a young mother.

As a ‘barely-hanging-on-survival-mode’ mom of a preciously sweet yet uncontrollably energetic 2-year-old girl, there are two things I’ve had to accept: I will likely gray prematurely and my solitary mornings of getting ready are no longer…solitary.

If I’m honest, the days of beautiful work dresses, pant suits, A-line skirts, and heels have temporarily been put on hold as I shift my goals from a perfect French twist up-do to holding on to my sanity and showering daily. However, as I look in my closet, there is one pair of shoes that have effortlessly been a part of both eras of my life over the past few years- my trusty brown Pampa sandals. Not only have they accompanied me to many a work meeting, they have joined me on hikes, walks, trips to the grocery store—and, yes, even a run (through the neighborhood to catch my escaping toddler).

The comical thing is, my sandals have held up better than I have over the past 2 years, and they continue to be the number one source of compliments I receive (because it certainly isn’t my hair these days). Regardless of age, they garner quite a bit of attention, because they effortlessly blend with any outfit, compliment any feet (and I give them quite the challenge), and their comfort is unmatched.

In my new world of dashing, dancing, prancing and cleaning, I’m so thankful I have a cute pair of sandals that can handle my spunky toddler and dress up my t-shirts and jeans. Now, if only they could help me with laundry….