It’s spring cleaning time, and that means your closet. However, organizing your closet can be a real pain. Sometimes starting from the ground up, with your shoes, is the easiest.

We scoured the web and reached out to a favorite blogger for some helpful tips to keep your soles in order this spring.

From uniform shoeboxes to crates in fun colors, here’s a few great tips for storing those soles. Read Here.

If you don’t like all your shoes showing, here’s a great article showing ways to store shoes incognito. Read Here.

Finally, one of our favorite bloggers from A Boomer's Life After 50. shared with us her tip for keeping shoes organized. Judy’s shoe rack holds flats in one row, heels in the next, and winter shoes on the bottom.

Judy mentions she doesn’t have as many shoes as she used to, since finding comfortable shoes worth wearing is a challenge. You’ll notice that’s why our new Breezy shoes are on the top tier in Judy’s closet!

Spring cleaning may take a bit of work, but finding that perfect pair of comfortable shoes when you’re in a rush makes the work worthwhile!