While looking back in celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we found some old photos in SAS archives that we'd like to share with you.

Founders Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden stand with the sign of our first retail store at Brookhollow in 1981. Ben, the first manager there, still works for SAS!

One of our best selling shoes, Siesta, was first introduced in 1979. In 2007, SAS celebrated over 15 million Siestas sold.

In 1985 SAS opened the factory in Del Rio, TX. This is founder Terry Armstrong, packing shoes for the first time in that factory.

In 1985 SAS opened its iconic log cabin store in Shertz, TX. Each log was handpicked for the cabin. Russell Howell is seen here helping the building process. Russell Howell was head of retail and wholesale at various points during his career at SAS, and was one of Terry's closest confidantes.

A mangled mess after the SAS general store and factory burned in 1998. Founder Lew Hayden is seen on the right helping sift through the damage, looking for anything salvageable. Due to help from many in the company, the factory moved to an open building nearby and got the factory up and running again in just a few months, with no jobs lost.

For new employees at SAS, most are put through weeks of factory training to learn the basics of the SAS Shoemaking process. This gives everyone at SAS a real appreciation for the hard work our shoemakers exhibit each day.

Thanks for taking a comfortable walk down memory lane with us. We cherish our history here at SAS, and we love the chance to share that history with you. Have a great Throw Back Thursday!