It’s that time of year, when we sort through our closets and help shed those pieces that either don’t fit, or you just never wear. Sometimes it’s hard to part with those nicer dress pieces, even if they don’t get use. It might be that they cost a bit more, or because they are in nice condition and it doesn’t seem right to throw them out. Well, here’s a great solution: donate those items to Dress for Success!

SAS made a donation to the San Antonio chapter of Dress for Success this year (2017). Over 1600 pairs of SAS shoes are now available to ladies in San Antonio who need help taking that next step in their career. Whether getting back into the workforce after a hiatus, or applying for their first job, the organization can help men and women dress to impress and feel confident walking into an interview. They even offer computer training, and sell a variety of work wardrobe pieces at heavily discounted prices to prepare them for the work week.

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