Everyone wants shoes to last long and look good. This can be a challenge. Genuine leather can naturally change in form and color over time, especially if not properly maintained. Here are some tips to help you keep that fresh, out-of-the-box look.

Keep It Clean

To remove dirt and oils on smooth leather shoes, try using a good shoe cleaner like this one. Spray on and wipe off with a clean rag and your shoes will already start looking newer.

Suede is Special

For Suede and Nubuck shoes, you will want a special cleaner. This Suede and Nubuck Cleaner can remove damaging build-ups of salt, dirt and moisture. Finish with a spray of Water Repellent to help protect your shoes from further build-up.

Clean Your Footbed

For those end-of-the-summer sandal footbeds, or shoes with removable inserts, use a good footbed cleaner. SAS Footbed Cleaning Kit includes a spray and brush that can penetrate and remove dirt, oils and perspiration to leave a fresh, clean feeling underfoot.

Make It Shine

Shine up your shoes with a cream or wax polish. Try finding a color that matches your shoes, or use a neutral polish. Finally, a good shoe brush can add luster to your favorite pair.

To shine your shoes on-the-go, try SAS Instant Shine. It’s specifically made to give a quick, non-mess shine on all smooth leather shoes.

Give Them A Break

There are many more products that can help maintain your shoes, but another trick is to give your shoes a break. Wearing a pair every other day can help add years of life to your shoes. Try investing in at least two good pairs and swap between them.

Following these tips can ensure that you get the best use and look out of your SAS shoes.