SAS Shoes takes pride in their carefully handcrafted footwear and it shows in how they look and wear. Premium leather shoes are a wise investment and should be cared for adequately to extend their life and keep them looking their best. Our footwear is made from a wide range of leathers, suedes and other top materials. To keep them looking sharp for years to come, you should know that different shoe finishes require different care routines. To ensure your SAS purchase receives the care it deserves we provide a variety of products to extend the life of your shoes, sandals and boots made by SAS Shoes.

Cream Polish

Leather shoes need conditioning to keep their flexible feel, natural shape, and rich color. Our specially formulated Soft Leather Cream Polishes come in a range of colors to match our leather products and provide our shoes with the proper shine and moisture. Leather conditioners and creams provide moisture to prevent cracking on shoes like the Made in Italy Piera pump or the Delaney ankle boot. Keep in mind that a little polish can go a long way.

Wax Polish

SAS Wax Polish can be used to condition, restore, and preserve the quality of your shoes. Our polish is water repellent and is made of the finest blended waxes, ideal for shoes like the Milano Pump. Wax polish can be applied using a soft cotton cloth in small circles with the right amount of pressure to allow the wax polish to enter the pores of the leather – creating a sleek and lasting shine.

Shoe Cleaner

Besides routine polishing, your shoes will need a routine deep cleaning. SAS Shoe Cleaner is an excellent product for a deep clean to remove build-ups of salts, dirt, and moisture for leathers like aniline. In order to maintain shoes like the Scenic ballet flat or the the Duchess knee-high leather boot, apply SAS Shoe Cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth or rag. Our shoe cleaner is also great for preserving the interior of the shoe, as well as restore the leather’s natural and smooth feel.

Sole Care

Because we put our shoes through so much, it’s equally important to take care of the sole of the shoe to preserve the overall look. SAS Sole Cleaner removes damaging build-ups of salts, dirt, and moisture to ensure a clean sole surface and is appropriate for all our shoes. It ensures the cleanliness of the sole as well as restores the integrity of the material.

Suede and Nubuck

While all leathers require proper maintenance, suede and nubuck are special and should be cared for differently. SAS Suede and Nubuck Cleaner ensures a clean leather surface by removing damaging build-ups in shoes like the Made in Italy suede Luxe loafer or the nubuck Hope loafer. Spray SAS Suede and Nubuck Cleaner then use the scrub cap to loosen excess dirt. Proceed to wipe clean with a soft dry rag. We also recommend using a nylon bristle brush like the SAS Nubuck Shoe Brush to brush away excess dirt and marks. Lastly, lightly coat with SAS Water Repellent to safeguard your shoes from harmful mineral build-ups. SAS Water Repellent is also compatible with any oils and polishes and is appropriate for our entire collection.

Daily Maintenance

There are simple daily steps we can take to prevent our shoes from being damaged. Investing in shoetrees will help keep the shape of the shoe and absorb moisture. Aside from investing in shoetrees, pay special attention to how you store your shoes. Stacking them one on top of the other or storing them in a trafficked area damages and misshapes the leather. In between deep cleanings, SAS Instant Shine is available to provide a quick, non-messy shine on all leather shoes for maintenance. As for our greatly punished footbeds, SAS Footbed Cleaner Kit is formulated to penetrate and remove dirt, oils, and perspiration from all types of footbeds. Using the spray and the brush will clean, deodorize, and refresh the footbeds of all your SAS Shoes. At SAS Shoes, we provide all the materials and tools you’ll need to care for your shoes and keep them looking like new!

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